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Green Campus Phase I
Monday, September 2, 2013 2:25 PM


 Edison grounds, located in the heart of the Holland neighborhood, is starting to have a  whole new “Green” look. Plans are in place to renovate our parking lot, create a rain garden on the corner of 22nd avenue and Monroe, and to restructure the gym roof to improve rainwater drainage. The parking lot is in its final stages of completion. The new design is part of the Mississippi Watershed project and is one of the few new “green” projects that will be taking place on our campus.

The first phase is adding pervious pavement to Edison’s parking lot. This improvement will allow storm water drainage to flow into a 4 foot storage trench below. Trees will be planted and  art work by artist, James Brenner will be incorporated into the design of Edison’s new parking lot. Renovations to Edison’s parking lot should be completed before the open house and community barbeque on August 22nd.
The second phase is slated to start next spring and will include a rain garden on the NW corner of Monroe and 22nd avenue along with revamping the Gym roof/drain pipe systems.   

This “green” initiative project of improving water quality and beautifying the gateway to the Northeast campus are a part of the Holland Neighborhood’s Improvement Association’s (HNIA) Northeast Green Campus Initiatives.

Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (HNIA), Minneapolis Public Works Department, Minneapolis Park Board, Minneapolis Public Schools, Edison Students involved with “going Green” initiatives, Preventing Harm Minnesota, and Councilman Kevin Reich’s office are working together to make this happen.

This project will be funded through a capital investment by Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO)

Green Project Phase I parking lot
does this fire?!