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Charles Preis

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Room: 326


Music Exploration



Guitar Syllabus


Thomas Edison High School

Picture 1.png2019-2020



Guitar 1 & 2

Charles Preis      

Room 326

School phone: 612-668-1300 - Ext. 34109


Website: Preis

* E-mail is the best way to communicate with me.



Course Description

Guitar 1 & 2 is a semester long instrumental music course with the focus on developing independent and group skills through playing guitar, interacting with various musical genres. Students will be engaged in their course materials through individual practice, large and small group rehearsals, lessons, projects and class discussions.


Course Objectives

The objective for the class is to provide opportunities for students to explore instrumental music by developing skills and technique on the guitar, performing in an ensemble, performing solos and developing practice strategies and rehearsal skills necessary for successful musical development.


Texts and Resources

Resources for this course will consist of sheet music alongside technical methods. Towards the end of the semester, depending on the advancement of students, they may be able to listen and play along with songs on their phones. They will need headphones or earbuds to use while practicing.


Grading Policy Following the IB philosophy

80% Academic Achievement Assessments- playing tests, final project, classwork, daily engaement

20% Practice- small and large group rehearsal, individual practice


Attendance and Tardy Policy:

Regular, daily attendance is mandatory for the growth of the individual musician

We will follow the Edison policies,


Classroom Conduct Expectations

It is expected that all students will be ready and engaged in the class.  If you have personal issues that you need to address, please see Mr. Preis. Cell phones will not be allowed in class unless Mr. Preis states otherwise.  Please be respectful to those around you by not being a distraction. If a student is having difficulty being in charge of their electronics, they will be given one verbal warning. If it is still an issue, the cell phone will be confiscated until the remainder of the class. Please be responsible with your technology.

Food and drinks other than water are prohibited in the room!!!




Classroom Engagement Plan


Looks like…                                                       Response

Enter the classroom/

Start of day


  • Be in your seat ready to learn before the  bell  rings
  • Be prepared with ALL materials
  • Be engaged in the 1st activity (warm-up)
  • Model, practice, re-teach
  • Peers can give guidance
  • Teacher can give guidance
  • Dean can support teacher

Tardy to class


  • Come in quietly to class
  • Engage in the learning immediately, independently
  • Catch up with work at a later time
  • Teacher will catch student at a natural break
  • Peers will support each other to catch up on what was missed
  • Parental contact
  • Conference with Dean and Student

If you are absent


  • It is your responsibility to determine what you have missed
  • Check with a classmate
  • Work with your advisor
  • Check in with the teacher
  • Teacher will be available to help student catch up at a time that is convenient for both parties (advisory, before/after school, other times at the teacher’s discretion)

Need Help with Work?


  • Check your notes
  • Check with a classmate
  • Check with the teacher
  • Never be afraid to ask, but try to find the information out on your own first.

Exiting the Room

  • Clean area around you
  • Place instrument in storage
  • Put music in folder slot
  • Wait patiently by door
  • This space is everyone’s…please be respectful.
  • This our own home…please keep it tidy!

Academic Honesty

  • Cite ideas not your own
  • Demonstrate what you know
  • Teacher will clarify and model correct uses
  • Teacher may ask for re-write or redo of assignment
  • Teacher will support where necessary
  • Conference with Dean and Student

School-Wide Agreements

  • Seating chart (sit in assigned seat)
  • No passes for first and last 10 minutes of class
  • No cell phones unless instructed to do so
  • Teacher will reestablish expectations
  • Students will follow the expectations of the building to help with their success
  • Student, teacher and dean may conference if there is misunderstanding of the expectations




Extra Credit Opportunity

If you attend a fine arts performance (music, art, dance, theater) or are involved in a form of art OUTSIDE of the school day, you can receive extra credit! You will need to write 250 words describing the event, your critique of the event and how attending the event has made you into a better artist. Extra credit points will be awarded based on complete sentences, complete thoughts, and meaningful critique of the event.  The amount of points will be at the teacher’s discretion.

Extra credit will be accepted up to 2 weeks before finals for each semester.


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