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Information for Juniors

Please Setup Your Email

Are you receiving email from Naviance, the counselors or Ms. Guerin?  -- Please check your Naviance account to make sure we have your correct email address.  You need to:

(1) Login to Naviance   (2) Click the 'About Me' Tab  (3) Scroll down and click 'profile'    (4)  Check the email listed on the right.  If it is NOT correct, click the pencil and follow the directions to change it.

Communication is very important.  We will notify you of deadlines, scholarships, volunteer and other opportunities, and useful information.

Thank you! 

Taking the PSAT Test

The PSAT Test is given in the fall of the student's 11th grade school year.  Typically, it will be given on one day in late October, during the school day.  The primary reasons for taking the PSAT are:   to try to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship and some other scholarships, to practice for the SAT, and, if interested, to release your name to colleges and scholarships. 

Students who choose to take the test, must sign up for the test.  Mr. Athorn is the coordinator of the PSAT.   Priority will be given to 11th graders to sign up for the test.  If there are tests remaining, 10th graders can register to take the test as a practice.  Click on the link above for more specific details.

There is a PSAT preparation program on Naviance.  Click on “Test Prep” on the upper left hand side of the login page.

Prepare & Take the ACT early

The ACT Test score (or SAT score) is a required part of the application to most 4 year colleges and universities. 

The ACT for All is given during the school day at Edison to all 11th grade students in the spring.  In addition, we recommend that each student who is planning on attending college take the ACT at least once more, on a Saturday.  Some students will elect to take it twice more.

The ACT for All that is given during the school day at Edison is FREE for all students.  Students do not use fee waivers for this test.  Therefore, if a student receives free/reduced price lunch, they will have 2 fee waivers available to use for the Saturday tests.

We recommend that students take the ACT for All in the spring of their junior year, the Saturday, June ACT after their junior year, and the Saturday, October ACT during their senior year. (There are also fee waivers available for the SAT Test.)

To sign up for the Saturday ACT Tests - (1) Go to   (2) Sign up for the ACT PLUS WRITING Test  (3) Designate Edison as your high school - school code 241-610   

The ACT is used for local 4 year colleges and universities.  The SAT is used mostly on the east and west coast of the United States.  Almost all of our students take the ACT.  A few students choose to - also take the SAT.  Go to the Admissions website of the college/university you are considering to determine which test is needed.  Also see more information regarding ACT and SAT under the Edison - For Seniors Page

There is a ACT preparation program on Naviance.  Click on “Test Prep” on the upper left hand side of the login page.

Practice books for the ACT are also available in the Career and College Center, room  219.

Other study group opportunities for the ACT will be emailed to students during the school year.  For more information, you can also contact your Counselor in room 101 or the Career Center Coordinator in 219.