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International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme




The IB Diploma is recognized as a superior education, preparing you to do rigorous academic work and succeed at post-secondary institutions around the world.  The program encourages you to think from an international perspective while first developing an understanding of your own cultural and national identity.  You will learn a second language and develop the skills to live and work with others internationally – essential for the life in the 21st century.  The emphasis on interdisciplinary learning requires that students study courses across six disciplines,

IB Diploma Programme, which includes six IB subjects and examinations, 150 hours of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), the Theory of Knowledge course, and a 4,000-word independent Extended Essay.  

IB Medallion Program
The Medallion program requires that students take three IB classes, the Theory of Knowledge class and 75 hours of CAS.
Individual IB Courses

Students may indicate a preference to only take one or two IB classes, and sit for examinations.  Students who successfully test (generally scoring 4 or higher--but this is widely variant) can be awarded college credit for successful IB exam scores even if they do not achieve the IB Diploma or medallion.

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