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March 12

I can define Imperialism.


March 13

I can outline the motives of Imperialism through the use of examples.

SA  1                       

V 1-3


March 14

I can analyze how the motives of Imperialism reinforced one another.

SA   2                    

V 4-13

March 15

To Be or Not to be an Imperialist-Isolationist Debate Prep.


March 16

To Be or Not to be an Isolationist-Imperialist Debate

SA 3


March 19

 I can analyze the successes and failures of resistance to Imperialism.

SA 4

V 14-21

March 20

I can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration through the use of examples.

V 22-29

March 21

Imperialism Unit Review

March 22

Imperialism Unit Exam

March 23

Imperialism Unit Exam

Quizlet Vocab

Prezi Notes

"White Man's Burden"

The Arrogance of Conquerors 

To be or Not to be an Expansionist

Has the Pink Cheeks Brought us Good?


video Case Study Japan   --  Explains how and why Japan decided to embrace the "Age of Imperialism" as well as their effectiveness as an Imperial Power.
video Case Study China   --  Explains how after years of resistance China was forced with foreign influence.
video Case Study India   --  Please read the text section on "Imperialism in India" in addition to this mini video lecture.
video Case Study Africa   --  Please see the text book section entitled "Scramble for Africa" in addition to this miniature video lecture.
document Study Guide   --  Tool to be used for studying for your exam. Preparation with this tool increases test scores and will result in a point of extra credit.
video General Imperialism Background   --  See this document for a general overview of the main ideas and case studies for SE Asia and the Pacific.
video Imperialism Essay Outline and Organization   --  Please see this explanation if you are at all confused on how to go about writing your essay. Having an unanswered essay is unacceptable.
document Daily Unit Questions Imperialism   --  Due on March 22nd for feedback.
video Additional Help in Preparing for the Debate   --  Remember your debate essay is your ticket into tomorrow's debate.
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