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AVID Course Description:

The AVID elective course at Thomas Edison High School is designed to help students become college and career ready. The ultimate goal of AVID is to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and work habits to enable them to complete high quality work at the high school and college level. The AVID elective class provides students with academic support and organizational skills to improve student success in all subjects. These methodologies include: Writing as a tool for learning, the Inquiry method of instruction, Collaborative learning, Organization strategies, and Reading to learn strategies (WICOR). The AVID tutorial occurs twice a week and is run by the teacher and AVID trained college tutors. In the tutorial, specific concepts are addressed in small groups where students can receive the individualized assistance they need in subject areas of their own choosing, based on their other rigorous content courses. In a typical AVID week, two days are dedicated to the WICOR curriculum, two days are for tutorial, and one day is for motivation and team-building activities, guest speakers, and college field trips.

The AVID curriculum provides an opportunity for students to learn reading and writing skills that are essential for success. Students will build intellectual perseverance through activities that challenge them to develop a strong work ethic. Students will also be introduced to a variety of learning strategies that build on their metacognitive abilities and their intellectual curiosity. These strategies will encourage students to reflect on their own and other students' thinking. It is essential for students to develop academic literacy skills as it prepares them to become life long learners and helps them excel in their post-secondary aspirations.

IB History Course Description:

Welcome to IB History! The International Baccalaureate (IB) History of the Americas HL course is similar to a first-year college course. IB History differs from a regular high school class in that it will not focus solely on coverage of material. The class will be a balance between coverage of topics and ideas; and in-depth study and analysis of these. This class focuses on the development of the analytical thinking, writing and reading skills necessary for college and for participation in an ever-changing global society. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging students to develop intercultural understanding, open-mindedness, and the attitudes necessary for them to respect and evaluate a range of points of view.


To be successful in this course, students must study and keep up with the readings and assignments demanded in a college-level course. The course assessments are designed to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of college level material, and the analytical skills necessary to succeed in any post-secondary academic setting. Students will be expected to read 20-30 pages per week. The textbook readings provide a base of knowledge in the topic of study; the excerpt readings and documents build on that base and provide alternative viewpoints that go beyond the factual information in the textbook. Reading assignments will always begin with textbook assignments then we will get into the documents. General reading assignments (textbook) must be completed in advance of class meetings to foster discussion. Document readings will be completed in class as part of round table discussion. The three main topics of study for the IB History Year 1 are: The Causes, Practices and Effects of 20th Century Wars; The Cold War; Rights and Protests - South African Apartheid.