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January Students of the Month
Friday, January 19, 2018 8:55 AM


It's always great to shine a light on our academic all-stars here at Edison.  That's why we have Students of the Month: to recognize the hard work done every day by our students.  With that said, your January Students of the Month are:

Huda Abdulahi (9th grade) - Huda always comes in with a smile on her face and never backs down from a challenge. - Mr. Agrimson, Math Teacher


Jorman Guanoquiza (10th grade) - Jorman is working hard in class, he is respectful to teachers and staff, and is beyond helpful to other students.  He is caring, studious, and works so hard as and EL student.  - Ms. Shaffner, ESL Teacher

Melissa Gama Santana (11th grade) - Melissa's Spanish is awesome and she uses her skills to help her peers. She is a leader who helps her classmates understand new material and isn't afraid to speak up to share her thoughts or ask questions. She is also an example of someone who has taken risks, worked hard, and in our class it is definitely paying off. She's rocking it! - Ms. Ginther, Spanish Teacher

Caliyah Rush (12th grade) - Caliyah is in IB Physics and she routinely does well in class. She holds herself to (almost impossibly) high standards and never settles for anything less than her best. She is an incredibly hard worker and we are seeing her grow as a leader in the classroom. - Mr. Terpening, Science Teacher

12th Grade January Student of the Month - Caliyah Rush
10th Grade January Student of the Month - Jorman Guanoquiza
11th Grade January Student of the Month - Melissa Gama Santana
9th Grade January Student of the Month -Huda Abdulahi
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