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About me:
Ms. Scott (Left) with author Sherman Alexie (Right)

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Hello! My name is Jessica Scott. This is my first year teaching at Edison High School and I am happy and grateful to have the opportunity to work in such an amazing community. While I am a Minneapolis native, I hail from the South Side and am coming from three great years working at Roosevelt as an AVID Assistant. I look forward to bringing those experiences into my classroom and learning to say "GO TOMMIES!" instead of "GO TEDDIES!".


Things I do and love:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • My horrible excuse for a cat
  • My delightful pet hedgehog
  • Food that is spicy


Courses I teach:

  • Edison Entrepreneurship Academy - Periods 1-3
  • English 11/12 - Period 5
  • English 10 - Periods 6 and 7


Contact Info:

Room 331 (periods 1-3)

Room 209 (periods 5-7)

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