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Welcome to Mr. Rist's Teacher Page!

Short Bio: I have been a teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools for nine years. I started at Edison High school in 2015, transferred to Washburn for seven years, and am now back at Edison. I have served as a collaborative teacher in Human Geography, U.S. History and English Language Arts classrooms.  At Edison, I teach two sections of ESL 2A, and I coteach two sections of AVID as an elective along with one section of World History. 

After school, I provide tutoring services in the following subjects:  English Language Arts, Social Studies and Spanish.

Please check with me in my classroom (Room 222) to set up a time to meet in the Media Center for tutoring.

My Role in Avid as an elective and World History:

I am the ESL coteacher in these classes.

My Role in ESL 2A - Periods 3A & 4A: I am an ELA teacher during these class periods. Students who take ESL 2A earn 1 ELA credit for 1 year of ESL 2A.

Contact Info:

The easiest way to get a hold of me is through my school email:

Helpful Tips: Check your student's class schedule to know when and where I will be teaching. If you have any questions, please contact me via the the email address listed above or schedule a time to meet in person.


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