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Language Acquisition

Mission Statement

  • Support all students in their learning to be successful inside and outside of school
  • Ensure that all students are valued, respected, and treated fairly
  • Promote real-world proficiency in world languages 
  • Develop inter-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Support post-secondary use of world languages 

Language Acqusition Department at a Glance

  • Beginner to college-level IB courses offered in Spanish, French, and Ojibwe
  • Standards-based curriculum that utilizes research-proven practices like TPRS and CBI
  • Teachers with mutliple years experience in countries where their language of expertise is spoken
  • Goal of 90% of instruction given in the target language (Spanish, French, or Ojibwe)
  • Proven track record, with stuents earning college credit by scoring 5 or higher on the IB examination

Homework & Tutoring Support Times

  • Teachers are available for tutoring after school, during Advisory, and during lunch (which lunch depends on each teacher's schedule).
  • Best times to make up work are Tuesday to Thursday, as all teachers have an after-school meeting on Monday and on Friday.  
  • As for a best time those days, any of the before mentioned times -- advisory, lunch, after school -- work.

For more information, please review the course catalog by clicking on the link below.

PDF Language Acquisition Department Curriculum & Instruction   --  This document outlines the curriculum and instruction practices shared by all Language Acquisition instructors. Topics include curriculum scope and sequence as well as instruction methodologies.
PDF Thomas Edison High School Assessment Policy   --  Used school-wide, this document outlines the assessment policy of all instructors at Edison. Topics include formative and summative assessments as well as academic honesty.
PDF Language Acquisition Department Learning Expectations   --  Look and listen to the instructor. Involve yourself in classroom activities. These are a couple of the learning expectations of all language acquisition course at Edison. Click on the document above to learn more.
PDF Mobile Device Usage Contract   --  Students enrolled in a language acquisition course must sign this contract. The point of the contract is to minimize one of the largest distractions from learning: mobile devices such as cell phones, iPods, tablets, and gaming systems.
document World Language Department Calendar   --  Changes year to year. For staff purposes only.
PDF Edison Language Policy (Lang A, Lang B, ELL)   --  This is Edison's school-wide policies as related to students' languages, first and otherwise. Included in this is the policies for English Language Learners.
PDF Edison Inclusion Policy (SpEd)   --  School-wide policies regarding special education, including placement, modification of curriculum, classroom management supports, and grading.
PDF Academic Honesty Policy   --  Edison's testing policy, notably concerning ethical standards for research and testing.
document MYP Language Acquisition Curriculum   --  An overview of MYP units for French, Spanish, and Chinese
PDF MYP Summative Assessments Models   --  A list of likely examinations given in each Language Acquisition class at Edison.
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