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The International Baccalaureate Learner Profile describes what Edison students strive to become as internationally minded lifelong learners.
Learner Profile Featured Trait

Inquirers - I love to learn new skills and new ideas.  I like to ask questions to learn more.

Knowledgeable - I strive to learn more about my community and the world.  I can show what I know in different situations and subjects.

Thinkers - I think deeply before making a decision and taking action.

Communicators - I like to share my ideas.  I can cooperate well with others.  I communicate well in different ways and languages.

Principled - I am fair and respectful to others.  I take responsibility for my own actions.

Open-minded - I respect others.  I strive to learn more and understand diversity.  I

appreciate my own culture and other cultures.

Caring - I respect others and strive to understand and help them.  I care about my community and take action to make it better.

Risk-takers - I am brave.  I am willing to try something new.  I am not afraid to learn new things.

Balanced - I balance life and school. I know how to use my time wisely to prepare myself for the future.  I am active and take care of myself.

Reflective - I look back at my work and actions to understand how I am progressing and make improvements. 

Tenacious - I keep trying until I get it right.  I don't give up, even when the going gets tough.

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