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Edison’s LEEF Program

Hands-on, relevant and innovative teaching and learning are the hallmarks of this program.  We offer robust coursework that directly translates to college and career readiness.  Students may choose the full program pathway, which culminates in a diploma with endorsement, or may enrich their graduation plan with our engaging elective and core classes.

LEEF Endorsement:

Students seeking the LEEF endorsement upon graduation, complete a rigorous and highly engaging program of study.  Students earn credit toward graduation through all components of this pathway:

  • Relevant coursework in Science, Business, Arts & Design, Career, Social Studies, English Language Arts and Technology;
  • Ongoing work in service to the sustainability efforts of both the school and greater community;
  • Innovative, interdisciplinary projects related to the program’s theme;
  • Relevant work experience, which may include jobs, internships and apprenticeships.
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