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Lynn Grundtner

Contact Information
Ms. Lynn,
Room 329

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. E-mail is a great way to communicate with me. I will respond within 48 hours.

“First seek to understand, then to be understood,” ~ Stephen Covey
Everyday I seek to understand students, then guide them in their next steps in learning.  With each step, students make progress toward their goals.  It’s a pleasure to support students as they work toward graduation, participation in their communities, and awareness of the wider of world.


Experience: 25+ years in teaching and teacher leadership in urban and suburban schools and districts.


Education: University of Minnesota, Masters degree in Special Education   St. Cloud State University, Bachelors degree in Speical Education

Courses: Daily Living Math 1, Daily Living Math 2, Career Seminar

Daily Living Math 1 Syllabus

Course Description

Daily Living Math 1 is a course that provides specialized instruction to prepare students for their next level of math.  Students increase their ability to:

  • Solve real-world problems using addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • Find the values for the unknowns that make a number sentence true.
  • Use a calculator accurately, develop number sense for reasonable solutions.
  • Identify, and label measurements; describe quadrilaterals in various contexts.
  • Identify, name, compare, estimate, model, add, subtract, and multiply fractions.
  • Prove the fraction and decimal equivalents for tenths, hundredths, halves and fourths.

Materials used include The Rational Number Project, Math Antics, ST Math, and ALEKS Math. Progress toward learning targets will be assessed in multiple ways including objects, pictures, words, and symbols.

Recommended prerequisites

  • Represent real-world situations involving addition and subtraction basic facts, using objects and number sentences.
  • Demonstrate fluency with basic addition facts and related subtraction facts.
  • Compare and order whole numbers up to 100.
  • Read, write and represent whole numbers up to 100.
  • Use number sense and models of addition and subtraction, such as objects and number lines, to identify the missing number in an equation such as:
  • 2 + 4 = __
  • 3 + __ = 7
  • 5 =  __ – 3.

Grading information:

See student handbook for Edison’s grading scale and grading policy.  Students will be graded according to the accommodations in their IEP, Individual Education Plan.

PED (Personal Electronic Device) Policy:

Students are not allowed to use their phones or other personal electronics during class time unless the teacher approves a specific learning related use. Please do not expect your student to answer their phone or reply to a text during class time- if there is an emergency please call the main office (612-668-1300) and they will contact your student and have them call home.




Career Seminar

Career Seminar is co-taught by a work coordinator and a special education teacher.  In Career Seminar students explore the world of work.  Topics include self exploration, commiunication skills, teamwork, employer expectations, and planning for a career.  Students also learn to create resumes, complete applications, and how to interview for jobs.  Students who successfully complete Career Seminar are then eligible to participate in Caree Based Vocational Training at a job site.


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