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Lynn Grundtner

Contact Information
Ms. Lynn,
Room 329

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

E-mail s a great way to communicate with me.


Experience: 25+ years

Education: Masters of Education, University of Minnesota

Bachelor’s of Education, St. Cloud State University


“First seek to understand, then to be understood,” ~ Stephen Covey

Everyday I seek to understand students, then guide them in their next steps in learning.  With each step, students make progress toward their goals.  It’s a pleasure to support students on their journey toward graduation, becoming thriving members of the community, and citizens of the world.


Career Exploration, Life Skills

In Career Exploration students explore the world of work.  Topics include jobs for the twenty-first century, postsecondary options related to specific careers, employer expectations, how to create resumes, complete applications, and successfully interview for jobs.


Daily Living STEM(ath), Life Skills

In Daily Living STEM(ath)  students explore a bit of science, technology, engineering, and especially math as it relates to consumerism, and other aspects of daily life.  This course takes a constructivist approach to promote active learning.


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