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Minnesota Department of Human Services Held a Press Conference at Edison Announcing $45M in Grants for Mental Health Services
Friday, May 9, 2014 4:00 PM


Edison was the first Minneapolis Public School to have Collaborative, a group that provides professional emotional support services to students and families, on-site. Learn more at and

How did Collaborative come to be?

Back in 2004-5 school year, Change Inc.--Dr. Jim Nelson's practice, was invited by school leadership to do a climate assessment. Through that assessment process, the Student Support Staff identified that the student body had high and complex social emotion needs. The SST team felt unable to meet these needs, and school Social Worker Mike Resig suggested Change Inc. offer on-site school-based Social-Emotional Supportive and Therapeutic Services. In 2006-7 school year, Change Inc. partnered with Guadalupe Alternative Programs to create the Edison Collaborative. Currently, the Edison Collaborative is also supported by the Department of Human Services, Hennepin County, Minneapolis Public Schools, and other local Universities. This coming fall we will be celebrating the start of our 9th school year!
Student involvement with the Collaborative in a supportive, group, or therapeutic capacity has shown a decrease in behavioral referrals and an increase in attendance and graduation. 96% of students and families surveyed indicate that their presenting problems become more manageable after receiving services at the Edison Collaborative.

does this fire?!