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Mr. John Jackson, English Teacher and Black Student Leadership Council Advisor Bids Farewell
Friday, July 8, 2016 7:55 PM


We are sad to report that Mr. John Jackson, English Teacher and Black Student Leadership Council Advisor, has announced his departure from Edison High School.  Mr. Jackson and his family are relocating to Omaha, Nebraska, where Mr. Jackson will continue his remarkable teaching career.  We will miss him dearly, and we wish him the very best of luck in this new adventure.  Please read an excerpt from Mr. Jackson’s message to Edison.

“First let me say that each of you have been crucial in my learning and development as a professional. I am thankful first to God, and then to Edison Administration for entrusting me with our wonderful Tommies. I will miss the beautiful students of Room 206, the BSLC, and every smiling face in the building. The presence of our young people ignites my fire to educate and love all.”
“…Please remember the importance of visualization on the developing mind. Until what we hope to BECOME can actually be seen, it is only imagination, a vision, or a dream in which we BELIEVE. Let us continue to build a learning environment that truly embodies our motto. Belong, Believe, Become.”
“…I am open to any staff or student who wants to reach out to me. I would prefer that students use my Gmail as my work email will be inactive as early as Wednesday of next week.” 
Love you all and take care.  
Kwa Heri & Peace,
John M. Jackson
does this fire?!