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Stacey Athorn

My name is Stacey Athorn.  School year 2019-20 will mark my 13th year teaching vocal music at Thomas Edison High School.  I was born and raised in Minneapolis, attending Marcy Elementary and South High School.  After high school, I traveled to Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, where I earned 2 Bachelor's degrees of Music in Music Education and Vocal Performance.  

Edison choir students have opportunities to learn instruments, accompany the choir, arrange music, choose their own songs and sing solos in addition to learning standard elements of choral singing.  Students will learn healthy singing techniques that can be transferred to any style or genre of music. 

Courses (description and syllabus will be updated over the summer)
Beginning Choir
Varsity Choir
IB Music

Homework & Tutoring Support Times

Please make a plan to meet with me after school.



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