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Commonly Asked Questions about the new policy

What is the new policy?

Students must attend at least 4 class periods to be counted as present for the day. Students who attend fewer than four periods without an approved absence excuse will not be eligible for after school athletics or activities on the day of their absence. 

What counts as an excused absence?

There are many reasons a family member may excuse a student’s absence from school; for example, doctor and dentist appointments, illnesses, family emergencies and funerals.  Find out more about what qualifies as an excused absence here. Communication with our attendance office and knowledge of the policy is essential.  Please call us at 612-668-1311 every time your student will be absent from school.

How will this impact me as a parent?

If partial absences are not excused by you or another family member on a student’s contact list, the total number of absences may accumulate more quickly.  Cumulative days of unexcused absences result in attendance notifications from the school or county. 

What if my child attends fewer than 4 periods, but I call in to provide an excuse?

Excused absences are not subject to external reporting and may attend after school activities/athletics.

Does Advisory count as one of the 4 periods?

No.  Because our goal is to improve grades in classes required for graduation, Advisory (a 25 minutes period each day after 2nd hour) will not count as one of the 4 required periods.

Does this impact the 15 day drop?

The 15 day drop is when students are unenrolled from school after 15 consecutive days of non-attendance.  The 15 day drop is NOT impacted by this new policy. As before, if students attend at least one period, it will not factor into their consecutive attendance record.

Do students have to attend 4 periods in a row?

No.  Students need to attend a total of 4 periods a day.

How can I monitor my child’s attendance? 

Parent Portal offers a link to your child’s attendance report.  If you have provided us with updated phone numbers and email addresses, you will receive robocalls to alert you to any class periods your child may have missed in a day. You may also call our attendance office at 612-668-1311 to check on your child’s attendance.

What counts as an after school activity and/or after school Athletics?

Meetings, events or rehearsals of Edison clubs and official activities (including Beacons and Theatre) are considered after school activities. Athletic practices, games and meetings are all considered after school athletics.  A student who is absent for more than 4 periods may attend after school IF their absence is excused by a parent/guardian.

How will coaches and advisors implement this attendance policy?

Coaches and club/activities advisors will have access to daily attendance reports.  Students are encouraged to communicate with their coaches/advisors if they are absent and therefore not eligible to participate on that day.  If students who are absent more than 4 periods report to their after school activity, they may be sent home by the coach or advisor or asked to be present but not participate. 

Why are you changing the policy?

Our primary purpose for changing our policy is to provide us with stronger accounting practices in order to better impact improved academic outcomes for our students. In the past, students at Edison only needed to attend one period to be counted as present; however, students who only attend one or two classes are more likely to end the quarter with failing grades.  This new policy will surface attendance concerns more quickly, allowing us to see when students need interventions to get back on track for graduation. 

Who approved this policy? 

Edison Administration, in cooperation with MPS’s Be At School department and MPS General Counsel, adopted this policy.  Individual schools have always had the opportunity to set a minimum number of periods for attendance accounting.

More questions? Contact Edison’s Family Liaisons (612-668-1300) or the Edison Attendance Office (612-668-1311).