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Notes Regarding the Big Game
Thursday, January 18, 2018 9:20 AM


Minneapolis Public Schools has issued some important reminders concerning the Super Bowl, which will take place Sunday, February 4, at US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

  • Classes will continue at ALL schools during the Super Bowl, including those in and around the downtown area.
  • There will be increased traffic throughout the city, but particularly downtown where a majority of Super Bowl events are taking place. Expect significant delays and possible road closures, especially in the afternoon, whether your students ride the school bus, take Metro Transit, or you drive them to or from school.
  • The worst day of traffic will likely be the Monday after the Super Bowl as everyone exits the city.
  • High school students who use Metro Transit (Go-To passes) to either travel to or through downtown should be sure to check their bus numbers when boarding. Some buses will be moved to new routes on different streets, so students may see additional buses at their stops.
  • If your student is more than 15 minutes late getting home, you can call your school. School and District staff will do their best to let you know about delays and anticipated arrivals, but with more than 400 bus routes, that may be difficult. Be sure to watch the MPS Facebook and Twitter pages for updates as well.
  • Our standard attendance policies apply to both students and staff. If your student will be absent, please follow your school’s attendance procedure.
  • After-school activities, including athletic events, are scheduled to continue as normal.
  • Winter weather may affect any of these plans, and we will communicate to families as soon as possible in that event. Visit our weather information page to learn more.
  • It is important to be extra cautious about safety with such a large event that brings so many visitors to town. At this link are some resources we are sharing with staff about how to keep our students safe during this time.
  • Expect an increased law enforcement presence throughout the city.
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