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October Students of the Month
Thursday, October 26, 2017 7:55 AM


Edison staff have chosen the October Students of the Month.  With over 50 votes cast, the winners are: 11th graders Jenna Halabi and Giovanni Green, 10th grader Abdikadar Dahir, and 9th grader Ellie Traxler-Menz.  Congratulations to you all for being such amazing members of the Edison community!  

11th grader Jenna Halabi. "Jenna is simply amazing. She goes for what she wants and does amazing things while remaining very humble."
11th grader Giovanni Green. "Gio is consistently a leader in the classroom. He communicates respectfully with his peers and teachers. He perseveres through academic challenges and puts in extra effort to be successful in school while participating in football."
10th grader Abdikadar Dahir. "Works hard in class and also helps others in class."
9th grader Ellie Traxler-Menz "Ellie truthfully embodies nearly all of the Learner Profiles. She is clearly an academic–the wheels are always turning, she solves creative problems by getting feedback from others, and she fully commits herself, getting extra work done outside of school in order to exceed expectations. Ellie brings great positive energy to the room, chatting people up and supporting classmates with their work."
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