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Edison High School Outdoor Club!


We are Minneapolis Public School's first and thriving Outdoor Club. Our group meets regularly throughout each month to plan and participate in outdoor events. Our goal as a club is to help students build outdoor skills, build relationships, and build an appreciation for the natural world.

The Outdoor Club prides itself on being accessible to all. Every event is free and transportation is almost always provided. We aim to serve a vairety of skill levels as well. Challenges range from hanging out in the park to bouldering up a 13 ft wall.

Students can join simply by attending an event. When students join, they are given a punchcard that will receive a punch for each event attended. Once a student has attended 5 and 10 events, they can earn club swag and prizes.

The Outdoor Club meets every other Friday in room 211 during Advisory (9:53-10:23). During this time, students can learn about details for upcoming events, plan activites, and meet other club members.



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