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MYP Personal Project

The personal project is an individual project that you choose and create.  Your personal project topic is something that you will enjoy learning more about through in-depth study and thinking.  You will work on your personal project both inside and outside of school.


You will begin this project during the spring of your 9th grade year and it will be due during third quarter of your 10th grade year.  There are three main pieces to the personal project.  They are: a process journal, the product/outcome, and the report.


The personal project may take many forms, for example:

        an original work of art (visual, dramatic, or performance)

        a written work on a special topic (historical, literary, social, psychological, or anthropological)

        a piece of literary fiction (that is, creative writing)

        an original science experiment

        an invention

        a presentation of a business or organizational plan, a special event, or the development of a new community or student organization.


You and your supervisor (a teacher assigned to you) must agree that whatever form the personal project takes, the finished product allows you to investigate and focus on a theme, topic and/or issue closely connected to at least one global context of the MYP.  It must include a report, which you will learn about in your Language and Literature (English 10) class.


The most important thing is that you pick something that you are passionate about, since you will be working on it for almost a year.  It can be something you already love, or something new you have always wanted to try.  Push yourself to go to a new level with whatever you choose.  It's your project!



document Process Journal Prompts for Quarter 1   --  Prompts to help students keep track of their progress and prepare for their report
document Process Journal Prompts for Quarter 2   --  Prompts to help students keep track of their progress and prepare for their report
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