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Target e-Mentor Program

(Objectives, Goals, and Procedures)


Key Objectives:


·         Provide students with information about the workplace and careers;


·         Provide friendship and motivation;


·         Assist teachers in helping students meet state graduation standards.




·         For students to understand the relationship between learning and work;


·         For students to interact with a business professional and gain exposure to careers;


·         For students to gain a sense of support and motivation by developing a relationship with a caring adult interested in the student’s success and achievement;


·         For students to gain skills to interact positively with others;


·         For team members to provide an opportunity to undertake community service.




·         Every Monday, mentors will receive an e-mail from Shirley Poelstra, the Career Experience Coordinator at Edison.  The email will have important school information – along with the question for the week. 

·         Every Monday, students will send an e-mail to their mentor (if absent Monday – will send e-mail on Tuesday or as soon as student returns to school);


·         If mentors have not heard from their student by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, they will e-mail and CC their team leader. 


·         Once the mentor hears from the student, they will have until Monday @ 8:00 a.m. to reply.  If students have not heard from their mentor by Monday morning, they will email  She will in turn email the mentor and CC the team leader.

·         First e-mail sent will be an exchange of personal information.  Mentors will also include information about their job responsibilities. 


·         Remaining e-mails will consist of:  (1) students replying to the mentors answer; (2) sharing personal information about themselves and school; and (3) asking the mentors the question for the week and any other question they may have.


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