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April 20

Return and discuss exams.  

Distribute "One Pagers" begin edited version of Schindler's List. 

Jews in Poland, Introduce Oskar and his plan


April 21

Show the execution of Oskar's plan as well as Jewish life in the ghettos.  

End with the implementation of the "Final Solution" and movement from ghettos to camps. 

*Turn in one question

April 22

Jewish life in the ghetto.  Witness to Oskar's struggles to maintain his dual identities.  

Unraveling of the war and post war planning.  

*Turn in one question


April 23

Final scenes and discusion of legacy. 

Introduce the formation of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Distribute sythesizing assignment. 



April 24

Perspectives discussion and complettion of sythesizing.  


Reaction to any news regarding Obama's 100th Anniversary speech to Armenians.



Schindler's Jews Today

Schindler's List Quotes

Modern Israeli-Palestinian Relations

document Night writing assignment for English Class.   --  This is to be used for students who wish not to watch the film. You may instead use the class time to read from Night and work on your writing assignment from English.
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