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Quarter 4 Distance Learning Grading
Thursday, April 30, 2020 1:10 PM

DATE: April 29, 2020 
TO: Families of high school and middle school students 
FROM: Dr. Shawn Harris-Berry, Associate Superintendent; LaShawn Ray, Associate Superintendent; Dr. Aimee Fearing, Chief Academic Officer  
SUBJECT: Changes to 4th and 3rd quarter grading for middle grade and high school students 
Dear MPS families, 
As we continue to work to get all students the devices and internet access they need to fully participate in Distance Learning, we know that how we assess and grade students needs to be modified for both 4th and 3rd quarter. We also know that this period of learning from home has been challenging and stressful for students and families and that has also informed our decision to modify our grading structure. 
4th Quarter Grading Change 
Middle Grades and High School 
Minneapolis Public Schools will be grading all high school and middle school students (6-12 grades) with a Credit or No Credit for the 4th quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.  
We feel this grading structure provides the most equitable way to assess students under these challenging learning conditions. Teachers will give students a Credit or No Credit grade for their courses based on the following process: 
1. Credit: A student will receive “Credit” for a course if they have shown they made an effort to participate in Distance Learning. 
2. No Credit:  A student will receive “No Credit” for a course if staff have been unable to connect with students to document that students tried to do any learning through devices, paper packet, or phone/email check-in.  Please note: Unlike an "F" grade, receiving a “No Credit" will not negatively impact a student's grade point average (GPA). 
Elementary Grades 
Changes to the elementary report cards include: 
1. Removing the attendance box from the report card as MPS does not want to negatively affect students who have had challenges with Distance Learning. 
2. Teachers will no longer provide a score of 1-4 for each student in the academic areas as previously required. 
3. Teachers will use comment boxes as an opportunity to provide information to parents/guardians/caregivers focused on a student’s strengths, recommended student supports that may be needed; and how best to move forward (next year’s plan). 
3rd Quarter Grading Change 
Keeping in mind the sudden transition to Distance Learning at the end of 3rd quarter and the subsequent lack of access many students had to technology and learning packets, all “F grades” will be changed to “No Credit” to ensure students are not penalized and that their grades are not negatively affected.  
NOTE: High school students who receive a “No Credit” will be eligible to participate in credit recovery and earn a “Credit” through Alternative Learning Communities (ALC) and Summer School options; this will be available to students in grades 9-12. MPS will be contacting students and their families at a later date to provide more details on these options. 
If families or students have any questions or concerns regarding the new grading changes, please contact your teacher or principal. 
Dr. Shawn Harris-Berry, Associate Superintendent  LaShawn Ray, Associate Superintendent  Dr. Aimee Fearing, Chief Academic Officer  
does this fire?!