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Rachel Hoemke 2D Art

Contact Information:


About me:

This is my fifth year at Thomas Edison High School and I am again looking forward to trying out new projects and lessons in my classroom this year. This year we have some exceptional opportunities planned for our students both in and out of school, so whether or not someone was able to take art this year, they will still have the chance to channel their creativity. 

I am also an advisor for the Outdoor Club. This group meets bi-monthly for events like rock climbing, ice skating, fishing, hiking, camping, and many others. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time! I look forward to connecting with families throughout the year. 


Courses I Teach:

Drawing and Painting I

Drawing and Painting II

Art as a Profession

IB Art Level 1

Support Times

Studio time is available after school Tuesday-Thursday. Students check in with me during the day and ask if I will be available after school, otherwise, I let them know a better day when I will be in. The majority of students who need to complete extra work are encouraged to come to advisory and generally find that time to be enough.