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ACT Information & Registration - click here

The ACT Test is used by most 4-year universities and colleges in the Midwest. 

Any student who is even considering applying to a 4-year college or university should take the ACT Test. 

For most Midwest 4-year colleges and universities, it is required to have an ACT+Writing Test score to complete your application and be considered for admittance. 

The Counseling Office strongly suggests that students take the ACT Test twice: (1) in April or June of their Junior year and (2) during October of their Senior year.

ACT preparation program, Prep Me, is available through each student's Naviance Account.

Also, practice questions are available through:  Study Guide Zone

SAT Information & Registration - click here

The SAT Test is generally used by 4-year colleges and universities on the east and west coast of the United States. 

We don't usually have as many students taking the SAT Test as the ACT Test.

Check the website of the specific college or university to which you plan on applying to determine which test is desired by the school.

Also, practice questions are available through:  Study Guide Zone

Accuplacer Test Information & Registration - click here

The Accuplacer Test is used by most 2-year colleges or community colleges and some 4-year colleges and universities to determine a student's level in English and math.  Students who do not score at the level of 'college ready' coursework will be required to take and pass one or more preparatory classes in English and/or math before they are allowed to take the 'college ready' courses.  

These preparatory classes are elective classes that do not count for English or math credit towards attaining their degree or certification.  

It is important for students to study prior to taking the Accuplacer Test and do their best on the test to be able to test out of unnecessary preparatory classes. 

The Accuplacer Test is a required part of the application process to community colleges for PSEO and college level students.

The Accuplacer Test is not timed.  Students should take their time, read the questions and reading passages 2 or 3 times to make sure they do their best on the test.  This is a dynamic test that changes based on if a student is answering questions correctly or not.  If a student does not get the easy questions correct, the test will not give them the more difficult problems, limiting the students potential score and course placement.

Practice materials and information are on the next page (click the blue print above).