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Seven Senior Voyager Students Receive a Perfect Score on their Efolio
Monday, March 2, 2015 2:55 PM

Every year senior Voyager students have to go before a business partner and present their Electronic Efolio which displays 12 areas of their education and a PowerPoint presentation on 3 skills they have learned that they will use in their future. This is the requirement to receive their two year certificate from the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce and Edison High School. 
Eleven volunteers from local businesses (including 5 Target eMentors) served as evaluators and were not easy on the students. Business members usually don't score perfect scores, but 7 out of 20 students received perfect scores (all exemplary). The volunteers had a small glimpse of the great things we are doing at Edison and could not say enough good things about our students.
We appreciate the time and commitment these volunteers put forth in helping prepare Edison students to be successful in their post-secondary aspirations. 
Marty Schirber - Castle Remodeling (Member of CTE Advisory)
Mari Qjeda - Castle Remodeling (Member of CTE Advisory)
Liz Guimont - Junior Achievement (member of CTE Advisory) 
Kelly Ahern - Junior Achievement (member of CTE Advisory) 
Ted Robb - business volunteer (Calls Strategies and member of CTE Advisory)
Robyn Swenson - parent and member of CTE Advisory 
Cynthia Williams - Target (member of CTE Advisory)
Lauren Readus - Target mentor from Human Resources Dept. 
Jerry Yu - Target mentor
Leah Way - Target mentor
Jamison Arends - Target mentor
Senior Voyager Students - Efolio 2014-15
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