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Spark-Y Youth Action Labs


Spark-Y is administering a prototype EASY PRO elective class.  EASY PRO stands for Edible Agricultural School Yard Professional.  The EASY PRO class meets everyday to design, construct, and implement a functioning, productive ecosystem for a classroom at Edison.  Eventually, students will be trained to design and construct a large-scale commerical aquaponics system that will grow fresh produce for the Edison lunch program. 

Currently, Spark-Y is engaged with 12 schools in the Twin Cities area, including Roosevelt High School in South Minneapolis and the Minnesota Internship Center.   Spark-Y programs are divided into four categories:

  • Aquaponics - Fish and plant symbiosis used to grow food
  • Vermicompost - Taking food scraps and creating fertile soil
  • Mushroom cultivation - Using coffee grounds or other used grains to cultivate and grow mushrooms
  • Spirulina - Creating a food source for humans and fish through algae cultivation
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