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Edison's Science Students Work with Graduate Student Mentors from the University of Minnesota's Department of Biomedical Engineering
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 10:10 AM


Dr. Hypolite's students displayed their B-Level research posters during advisory on Friday before spring break.  They did experiments on real-life situations in cosmetology and hydroponics.  In the cosmetology experiment, students investigated a dry shampoo that was returned to a salon because it damaged a client's hair.  In the hydroponics experiment,  the student researchers had to find out the concentrations of the mixed ingredients to determine if they could still be used in the hydroponic garden.   Ms. Clarke and Mr. Pennington both helped out with expertise and advice on the projects.
The projects allowed students to understand how science is really done:  no "cookbook" labs here.  Students designed their own experiments and worked with graduate student mentors from the University of Minnesota's Department of Biomedical Engineering.  The students learned to deal with all of the facets of "real science":  experiments that didn't work the way they expected, missed variables, and  learning something that wasn't necessarily what they initially sought.  They now understand that doing science means looking for information, testing predictions and a lot of hard work. 
All groups have decided to continue their research for next quarter.  They will then go to the University of Minnesota to present their results at a poster session in May.

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