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Support Services for Students

At Edison, we strive to help every student succeed.  To this end, we provide students with a fantastic network of support services.  These include:

Counseling - The Guidance Counseling Department at Thomas Edison High School works with each student to help prepare a four-year program that leads them toward high school graduation and prepares them for post-high school education.

Deans of Students - The Deans of Students supports students' academic and social development by mentoring students and working with students, teachers, and parents to construct individualized support systems and plans that help each students succeed.

The CollaborativeThe Thomas Edison Collaborative is a collaborative effort between Thomas Edison High School, Change Inc., Guadalupe Alternative Programs and Community Mental Health partners, including La Familia and Kente Circle.  The Collaborative was designed to ensure that the emotional needs of students could be addressed before, during and after every day that school is in session.  A main goal of the project is to identify barriers to educational success and to create solutions to those barriers and other challenges.
College PossibleCollege Possible is a free after-school college prep program availabel for low-income students.  Through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support, College Possible makes college attainable for all students.  College Possible's services include academic support throught ACT/SAT test preparation, college application assistance, financial aid consulting, guidance in the college transition and support toward college degree completion.
Check and ConnectCheck and Connect is a school engagement program designed to help students stay in school and on track to graduate.  Check and Connect helps students improve academic achievement and become better prepared for work, citizenship, and lifelong learning.
School Based Clinic and Nurse In addition to the school nurse, Thomas Edison has a school based clinic staffed by professionals from the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support. Students may use the clinic for physical examinations, immunizations, acute or chronic illness, information about sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, legal advice, nutrition and weight counseling, pregnancy prevention and diagnosis, or any other medical concern.
School Psychologist - The school psychologist helps students succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.  Thsi is done by working with teachers, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students. 
Social WorkersThe social workers at Thomas Edison High School are here to assist with a wide variety of student and family needs.  The social workers provide in-school advocacy to help students and families access all the resources that are available inside the school and their community. The social workers are open to consulting with students, parents, families and the community in order for all students who attend Edison High School to have a successful learning experience.
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