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The New Deal


February 29

I can compare and contrast the recovery policies of Hoover and Roosevelt.

V 1-4

SA 1-2

March 1

I can explain how many New Deal programs directly influenced lives of struggling Americans. 

V 5-9

SA 3-4

March 2

I can evaluate how New Deal programs provided relief, recovery and reform to the nation.

V 10-18

SA 5

March 3

I can explain why some New Deal programs were criticized.

V 19-25

SA 5

March 4

I can analyze how the New Deal transformed the role of Government.

The New Deal Essay Exam



Prezi Notes

document The New Deal Essay   --  Due Monday March 7, 2016 by the end of the hour. When finished, please print to turn in a hard copy and share on google docs with
video New Deal Essay Description   --  If you have any questions or would like an example of how to start or write your essay, please watch the attached video.
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