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Theory of Knowledge

"Theory of Knowledge" is a course required for all Edison students that are candidates for the IB Medallion or IB Diploma.  The full year course is taken in one semester of 11th grade and one semester of 12th grade.  

The course prepares students to write a Theory of Knowledge Essay, which is sent to IB for evaluation during 12th grade, and create a Theory of Knowledge Presentation, which is evaluated by the teacher during 11th grade. 

During the course, we will have discussions, presentations, guest speakers and readings relating to the study of epistemology.  The guiding questions:

WHAT do we know?

HOW do we know that we know it?


The syllabus for Mr. Athorn's Theory of Knowledge I class is posted below.  (If you are interested in more information about Ms. Nicole Brinza's Theory of Knowledge course, go to her homepage.)

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