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Three Students Become the First Edison MYP Students to Complete a Personal Project
Friday, December 5, 2014 3:20 PM


Three students from the class of 2016 became the first Edison MYP students to complete a Personal Project.  Pa Lor wrote a short story about an ex-soldier with PTSD.  March Chesney taught herself how to play guitar and mastered the song "Sweet Child O' Mine."  Taylor Rodriguez wrote a fantasy story titled "Land of Creation," taking characters from her life and transplanting them into a fictional world. 

The MYP Personal Project is the culmination of of the IB Middle Years Program.  Tenth grade students design a project based on their own interests, then investigate the best way to carry out their idea.  They keep a journal of their process and reflect on their learning in a final report.

The Personal Project is a major accomplishment for students, in that it is completed mostly outside of school.  It requires initiative, curiosity, and self-discipline, and helps students build the skills needed to succeed in future education.

We are very proud of these students and looking forward to many more creative projects from the class of 2017.

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