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Title I- Compact

Thomas Edison High School
Family – School Agreement

Thomas Edison High School is a place where students, staff, families, and community members work together to help all students reach their full potential in a positive learning environment. This agreement (also known as a “compact” under Title I law) shows our collective commitment to our responsibility in ensuring all students at Thomas Edison High School are successful.

As a student, I agree to:

  • Come to school each day prepared
  • Respect learning time for myself and fellow students
  • Ask my teacher or staff questions when I don’t understand
  • Believe that I can and will learn
  • Follow the behavior expectations in class and the Thomas Edison High School Discipline Policy

As the parent/guardian, I agree to:

  • Support my child’s academic commitment in school and at home
  • Encourage my child to engage in their learning
  • Send my child to school each day and on time
  • Communicate my child’s needs to his/her teacher or school staff support, and work together to resolve issues

As the School Staff and Teacher, I agree to:

  • Explain expectations, curriculum and assessments to students and families
  • Communicate frequently about students’ progress
  • Exercise consistency in classroom policies
  • Welcome parents as volunteers
  • Remain competent and current in curriculum and instructional practices
  • Believe all students can learn

As the Principal, I agree to:

  • Welcome students, parents, and community members into our school
  • Ensure a positive and safe learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for teachers, staff, and parents to form partnerships
  • Provide staff development in order to promote student achievement
  • Provide information on how to maintain a two-way communication between home and school
  • Uphold accountability standards for staff

There are several other ways to get involved here at Edison High School:

  • Join a family/parent group: Tommie Boosters and/or Edison Activity Council
  • Attend school meetings and events
  • Volunteer at school events
  • Participate in CPEO
  • Sign-up for the Parent Portal

This Family-School Agreement was developed by Edison’s Site Council, which consists of students, parents, community members, teachers, support staff, and administration. This agreement is reviewed annually and we encourage parents/guardians to provide feedback on this document at any time during the school year.


Please contact:
Christie Roiz-Guevara, Family Liaison

For further information on Behavior and Discipline policy and how we deterimine consequences, please conlsult the following MPS Conflict and Interention Handbook: