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Title I Family School Commitment (Compact)

Thomas Edison High School
Family – School Commitment

Thomas Edison High School is a place where students, staff, families, and community members work together to help all students reach their full potential in a positive learning environment. This agreement (also known as a “compact” under Title I law) shows our collective commitment to our responsibility in ensuring all students at Thomas Edison High School are successful.

Title I Family School Compact

As a student, I agree to:

  • A belief that I can and will learn
  • Come to school each day prepared
  • Respect learning time for myself and fellow students
  • Ask my teacher or staff questions when I don’t understand
  • Follow the behavior expectations in class, the Thomas Edison High School Student Handbook, and the MPS Code of Conduct and Behavior Policies
  • Care for myself and others
  • Speak up for myself and my peers
  • Commit to following public health guidelines

As the parent/guardian, I agree to:

  • Support my child’s academic commitment in school and at home
  • Encourage my child to engage in their learning
  • Make sure my child attends their classes every day
  • Communicate my child’s needs to their teacher or school staff support, and work together to resolve issues
  • Be a partner in our community to help our continuous improvement
  • Commit to following public health guidelines

As the School Staff and Teacher, I agree to:

  • Believe all students can learn
  • Explain expectations, curriculum and assessments to students and families
  • Communicate frequently about students’ progress (parent portal and email)
  • Exercise consistency in classroom policies
  • Welcome parents as partners
  • Remain competent and current in curriculum and instructional practices
  • Care for myself and others
  • Commit to following public health guidelines

As the Principal, I agree to:

  • Welcome students, parents, and community members into our school when we come back together in person
  • Ensure a positive and safe learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for teachers, staff, and parents to form partnerships
  • Provide staff development in order to promote student achievement
  • Provide information on how to maintain multiple modes of communication between home and school
  • Uphold accountability standards for staff
  • Commit to following public health guidelines

As a Community Member, I agree to:

  • Attend our events, such as athletics, arts performances, award ceremonies and other school community events
  • Commit to following public health guidelines
  • Help celebrate our work in the community


There are several other ways to get involved here at Edison High School:

  • Join a family/parent group: Site Council and/or Edison Activity Council
  • Attend school meetings and events when we are able to gather safely in public spaces
  • Attend or volunteer at school events when we are able to gather safely in public spaces
  • Sign-up for the Parent Portal

This Family-School-Community set of commitments was developed by Edison’s Site Council, which consists of students, parents, community members, teachers, support staff, and administration. This agreement is reviewed annually and we encourage parents/guardians to provide feedback on this document at any time during the school year.

Please contact:
Christie Roiz-Guevara, Family Liaison (Spanish/English)                                     


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