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Homecoming, Senior Night, and Tackle Cancer
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 11:00 PM

2018 Seniors
#1Jumarea Wrenn: Has been a part of the football team for each of his four years at Edison.  He had his first start as a freshman and has started a total of 11 games throughout his career.  During his junior season he started our first four games at running back and scored a rushing touchdown in each game.  Jumarea is a natural rusher with great vision and an ability to make quick and effective cuts.  As a senior he suffered a significant knee injury during our first game of the season and worked hard to rehabilitate and return to the field.  While this is not how Jumarea envisioned his senior season, it has helped him realize how much he loves to play and compete with his teammates for his school.  
#4 Antonio Simmons: Ton joined our football team this past summer.  He instantly inserted himself into our community and culture.  He worked hard to become academically eligible and was a defensive starter by week two.  Over the next couple weeks, we had a difficult time keeping Tone off the field on offense as well.  He plays with great emotion on the field and has found his groove in the classroom.  We are thankful for his decision to join our team and are excited to see this STUDENT ATHLETE graduate. 
#8 Jackson Rusnacko: Jackson joined the football team as a sophomore and has been a Varsity Three Sport Athlete ever since.  That year he primarily played special teams and went on to be the leading scorer on the basketball team and starter on the baseball team.  He positioned himself to win the starting quarterback job as a junior and did so.  Jackson was recognized as the Star Tribune Athlete of the Week after throwing six touchdown passes in only his third start.  As a junior he also transitioned to the IB program and has had enormous success in the classroom.  As a result Jackson has some big decisions to make in regards to where he will attend college and which sport he will play.  We know that whatever he decides, his competitive spirit will propel him to success. 
#10 Randry Mugisha is a two year starter, three time letter winner, All Conference recipient, and three sport athlete who also competes wrestling and track.  As a junior and senior Randry has led the team in carries and rushing yards.  Randry is goal oriented and has incredibly high expectations for himself.  This has led to many accolades and achievements on the field, the mat, and the track.  Randry uses his athletics as an academic motivator and participates in the IB program, Junior Achievement, and NHS.  He is an exemplary example to our underclassmen in terms of being a competitor, a scholar, and a high character individual.  We are thankful for all that Randry has done for our program and look forward to watching him compete at the collegiate level.  
#22 Anthony Houston is a four year starter, four time letter winner, and All Conference Honorable Mention recipient.  He has also competed in basketball and baseball throughout his years at Edison.  As a junior, he led the team in receptions with 52 and also threw five touchdown passes.  His senior season started right where he left off, as he scored two touchdowns and a two point conversion in our week one victory over Brooklyn Center.  Anthony epitomizes the Edison athlete and has grown significantly as a student athlete.  His fun demeanor will undoubtedly lead future successes.  
#33 Chaska Spears: Chaska transferred to Edison as a sophomore and has played football and la crosse each year since.  Being a two time letter winner in LAX has helped Chaska emerge as a defensive player and starter for two games during his senior football season.  We applaud his athletic gains and are so happy that he is reaping the rewards of his own hard work and commitment.  Chaska earned his "Ironman" attendance award during week two of the season and has yet to relinquish it.  The means he has not missed nor been tardy for school or practice in seven weeks.  Thank you Chaska for your lead by example attitude and effort!
#20/34 Ralph Owens has wore both numbers 20 and 34 throughout his first year on the team.  We are thankful that Ralph chose to play this year and are proud of the academic recovery he made in order to do so.  Ralph has contributed to the team on special teams and also plays corner and receiver.  He is well liked by his coaches and teammates and brings a calm and comical demeanor to our team dynamic.  Off the field, Ralph is actively involed in the Beacons Program, choir, and is a performer in the school plays. Thank you Ralph for all of your efforts and contributions to Edison Football. 
#50 Jaden Halabi is a three year starter and three time letter winner.  He is incredibly unselfish and always willing to do what the team needs him to do.  Throughout his time, Jaden has played center, guard, tackle, linebacker, and defensive line.  Off the field Jaden has served as the President, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer for the Pep Band Council.  He has also performed in and been a member of the ensemble for school plays, he is a full IB Diploma student, the softball team manager, and is an member of the Edison Activities Council.  Jaden is a fixture in our spring Leadership Congress and is a intricate part of shaping our team values.  As such, Jaden is a frequent recipient of the weekly Ironman attendance award.  Jaden plans on going to and playing football at Hamline University next year.
#55 Giovanni Green is a four year starter, four time letter winner, All-Conference recipient, MN Vikings Community Captain recipient, three sport athlete, and IB student.  Gio relishes practice and has not missed, come late, or left early for the past two seasons.  His commitment and trust in the process are remarkable.  Gio's leadership traits will be difficult to replace in the future, but we are confident that his approach to school, practice, games, volunteering, family, and friends has been observed and learned by his younger teammates.  We look forward to watching Gio play on Saturday afternoons for the next four years and hope he finds his way into coaching.  
#66 Charlie Mendoza is a two year starter on the offensive line and three time letter winner who has also competed in baseball.  He is incredibly hard working and is always coachable.  Charlie's desire to improve himself is an attribute that should be admired by his younger teammates.  The progress that he has made from his very first practice is remarkable.  As a student Charlie is a leader in the classroom, he continually completes multiple drafts of his work and is in frequent communication with his teachers on how he can improve.  His willingness to self reflect and take action are important character traits that will result in much future success. Thank you Charlie all of your commitment and hard work!
#70 Fernando Lorenzo is a three time letter winner and three sport athlete who also competes in wrestling and baseball.  As a student, Fernando is enrolled in multiple IB courses and a variety of student groups including NHS, LatinX, and GSA.  We appreciate Fernando's communication and lead by example approach to play.  He is universally liked by his teammates and peers at school and is sure to be an asset to his future college and employer.  
#78 Josiah Oakley has played football for two seasons and has been a four year member of the baseball team.  In total, Josiah is a four time athletic letter recipient who is also a four year member of the band and chess club.  Josiah is an old soul who is well-rounded and well liked by his teammates, peers, and teachers.  He is also a force in the weight room and on the football field.  As a senior, he has started on the offensive and defensive lines.  Josiah is a smart football player who takes great pride in the design, concept, and technique required to execute a football play.  He also cares deeply about his teammates and family.  Josiah takes great pride in these relationships and we are proud and thankful to have him on the team.  
Senior Football Players

Thank you to Edison Volleyball Coach A Yang for all the action pictures!

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