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What is a Tommie Time Out?

Everybody needs a time out now and then.  At Edison, we may use a Tommie Time Out to support our learning environment—read on to learn more:

What is a Tommie Time Out?
A Tommie Time Out is a period of time when school Administration suspends passes out of class, limiting movement in the halls and bathrooms to passing time only.

Why call a Tommie Time Out?
We use a Tommie Time Out to help restore calm and focus on days when our building is responding to an immediate or potential disruption.  Tommie Time Outs are not used to respond to a specific or immediate threat or danger—a Code Yellow or Red is used in those instances.  It is our goal to use Tommie Time Outs minimally; typically, our students function beautifully within the typical procedures of our school.

What kind of disruptions may warrant a Tommie Time Out?

  1. A medical emergency—Halls may need to be kept clear so that we can support a student or staff member who is injured or suddenly becomes ill.  Clear halls help us focus on the concern at hand and maintain privacy for the person who is experiencing an emergency.
  2. Regaining calm after an incident—A fight, altercation or medical emergency witnessed by students can cause energy and interest to increase.  Students may feel uneasy or unsafe, may want to leave class to “investigate,” or may have excess adrenaline that keeps them from focusing on their learning.  Clear halls and a quiet building can support increased feelings of safety and focus.
  3. Reducing general disruptiveness—Sometimes young people have excess and disruptive energy for no identifiable reason.  A brief Tommie Time Out can support us in regaining calm and in determining if there are issues that need to be addressed in order to support our students.

What are the expectations for my child during a Tommie Time Out?

  1. Remain in the classroom and focus on learning.
  2. Travel in the halls only during passing time.  Use the restroom, visit your locker or get a drink of water during passing time.
  3. Be on time to class.
  4. If there is an urgent need to use the bathroom, see the nurse, or see a support staff member (for students with permanent passes), communicate your need to your teacher and he or she will call a staff member to escort you to your destination.  Escorts help us reduce traffic in the halls.
  5. If there is a medical emergency, your teacher will allow you to leave the room or will call for support—whichever is most appropriate to your needs.  During a Tommie Time Out, we respond to medical emergencies as we typically would.  No child experiencing a medical emergency will be required to remain in the room or wait for an escort—we will respond as appropriate to the emergency.


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