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Twenty-five Edison Students Travel out of State for the First Time
Thursday, April 21, 2016 4:50 PM

Edison received a grant from Syta Youth Foundation giving Lifeskills students an opportunity to travel to Florida from April 13th-16th. This trip is designed for students that have not traveled outside of their state and possibly even their own city. The trip to Florida aligns with the Lifeskills philosophy of giving students the opportunity to; further develop their social skills/team building, community/ global awareness, and learning about employment opportunities through this educational travel adventure paid for by SYTA youth Foundation. 
Students flew into Tampa FL and stayed at Busch Gardens and visited the Everglades National Park.  Students participated in many team building opportunities and new adventures.  Students earned this trip by consistently being respectful, on-time to class, and participating in class. Click on the link to read the story published by Syta Youth Foundation.
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