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Twenty-One Students Inducted into the National Honor Society
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 4:20 PM


Last Friday, twenty-One students were inducted into the National Honor Society:
As pictured from left to right - Back Row: Sonja Pierce, Margret Ritschel, India Ross, Freya Hatch-Surisook; Zella Fluegel-Murray, Randry Mugisha, Brandon Arneson, Peter Biros; Abdimalik Abdulahi, Connor Arneson, Ronaldo Gambino Vazquez

As pictured from left to right - Front Row: Paris Cook, Kayla Cross, Andi Chase, Gaia Kruger, Genevieve Heywood, Mykenzie Cole, Damari Jordan-Onchiri
Not Pictured: Xai Vang, Chauntel Fleming, Cierra Carter

During the ceremony, 4 Pillar Awards and 4 Initiative awards were presented to students.  

Pillar Awards:

Scholarship - recognition for exemplary academic work
Tracy Shaffer
Kayla Cross

Leadership - recognition of being a leader amongst their peers
Elie Nederloe
Cierra Carter

Service - recognition for diligence and creativity in service
Jia Lewis
Ronaldo Gambino Vazquez

Character - recognition of being a good role model for others
Sai Nancy Xiong
Delila Vue

Initiative Awards for New Members - recognition of investing quickly and meaningfully as a new NHS member:

Upperclassmen - Homecoming Parade - Jada Lewis & Chauntel Fleming
Underclassmen - NHS Fundraising and Winter Fun Planning - Connor Arneson & Brandon Arneson

Students who have a 3.2 GPA and good attendance are eligible to join NHS.
Click on the link below to view the full list of NHS students. Click here to learn more about NHS