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Foundations of Government Unit Calendar

February 1


Harrison Bergeron Assigned

February 4

Syllabus and Computer Procedures

February 5



February 6

Harrison Bergeron Due

February 7

I can use the functionalist perspective of Government to begin to understand its necessity. 

February 8

I can identify the functions and dysfunctions of Voter ID ballot proposals and legislation. 

V1 SA 1

February 11

I can explain why the Founders believed that people need a government.

V2-4 SA 1

February 12

can examine the functions and dysfunctions of government.

V5-6 SA 1

February 13

Saints and the Roughnecks Discussion. 

February 14

I can analyze the “state of nature” and ultimately express the need for governmental structure.

V1 SA 2

February 15

No School


February 18

No School


February 19

I can compare the four origins of State theories.

V12-5 SA 3

February 20

I can identify four characteristics of the “state”.

V7-10 SA 4-5

February 21

I can describe how power is divided between difference types of government.

Card Game Simulation.

February 22

I can articulate the ideas of republican government, the common good, and civic virtue.

V16-24 SA 6

February 25

I can classify governments from around the world into categories based on participation, location, and legislative presidential relationship.      

February 26

I can list and describe the basic concepts of democracy. 

V25-31 SA 6



February 27

I can identify the major documents that created the foundation for the United States government.

V 32-35 SA 7

February 28

I can explain how the Preamble to the Constitution defines the purposes of government.  

V36-41 SA 7

March 1

RAV Simulation

March 4

I can explain the ideas of separation of powers and checks and balances.

V41-45  SA 8

March 5

I can know the Founder’s reasons for creating a system that limits governmental power.

V45-51 SA 8

March 6

Foundations of Government Review 

March 7

Foundations of Government Exam

March 8

Foundations of Government Unit Exam

Quizlet Vocab

Prezi Lecture Notes

Harrison Bergeron Audio

document Daily Questions Foundations of Government   --  Please work on this progressively throughout the unit. It will be due to days prior to the exam so that I can give it back to you for study purposes. I encourage you to follow the suggested pacing and reach out to me during class, advisory, or before school when you have any questions.
video Functions of Government through Theories of Government   --  Use to answer short answers 1-4 if you missed those class periods or need some additional help.
video Types of Government   --  Use this for review of the ways in which government "rules" or constitutions are implemented.