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Unit Calendar

March 11

I can describe the structure, terms and qualifications of the US Congress and its members.

SA 1

V 1-4 


March 12

I can list the expressed powers of the US Congress.

SA 2

V 9-15 



March 13

I can critique the process of reappointment. 

SA 2-3

V 5-8   


March 14 

I can explain the use of committees in the US Congress.

SA 4 

V 9-12

March 15

I can describe how Congress carries out its essential law making functions.


V 13-17

March 18

I can compare how and when leadership in the House and Senate are chosen. 


V 18-22



March 19

I can compare the roles of the head of officers of the Senate and the House.


V 23-26


March 20

I can trace the process by which a bill is passed in the House of Representatives.


SA 5

V 27-30



March 21

I can compare and contrast how a bill is passed in the Senate compared to the House.


SA 6

V 31-34


March 22

I can compare the differences between the terms and election of representatives and senators.  


SA 7

V 35-40

March 25

I can show how Congress carries out its essential law making functions. 



March 26

Legislative Hearing

March 27

The Legislative Branch Unit Review


March 28

The Legislative Branch Unit Exam

March 29

No School       

Quizlet Vocabulary

Prezi Notes

Registering to Vote

Senate Updates

House Updates

Freedome to Study Act

Pass Guidlines Bill

video Introduction to the Legislative Branch   --  Be sure you can identify the five functions of the legislative branch after watching this short clip.
document Self Reflection   --  Download and type responses. Due at the end of the hour.
document Idealism and the Legislative Branch   --  To be scored proficient by Wednesday November 1st, 2017.
document Persuasive Essay   --  To be scored as proficient by Wednesday November 1st, 2017.
document Building Tommie Culture Bill Fall 2017   --  Attached is a copy of the final draft of last fall's bill. Please reference if you are struggling to articulate your ideas. Sentence starters such as "Where as the current rule states..." or "In an attempt to alleviate the...." or "We the House of Representatives/Senate propose...".