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Unit Two: Ancient Civilization and Major World Religions

September 25

I can analyze the environmental factors that enabled human migration to other world regions.

V 1-3

SA 1

September 26

I can analyze the ways in which people adapted to different environments.

V 4-8

SA 2

September 27

I can locate on a world map places where farming occurred between 10,000 and 1500 BCE.

V 9-13

SA 3

September 28

I can describe the characteristics of physical environments where settled farming communities.

V 14-18

SA 3

September 29

I can explain  domestication and why farming permitted world population to grow.

V 19-23

SA 3

October 2

I can analyze the differences between a hunting-gathering way of life and a settled agricultural one.

V 24-33

SA 4

October 3

I can describe the development, characteristics, interactions and decline of civilizations in Afro-Eurasia.

V 34-38

SA 4

October 4

I can explain how and where complex societies evolved and describe their significant characteristics.

V 39-40

SA 5

October 5

I can locate the major empires of the period and analyze their relative importance.

V 41-47

SA 6

October 6

I can define monotheism and its relationship to the Hebrews and the emergence of Judaism.

V 48-51

SA 7


October 9

I can describe the basic beliefs and practices of Islam.

V 52-56

SA 8

October 10

I can define and explain the significance of the caste system in India as it emerged in the first millennium BCE.

V 57-58

SA 8

October 11

Ancient Civilizations and World Religions Unit Review

October 12

Ancient Civilizations and World Religions Unit Exam

October 13

Ancient Civilizations and World Religions Unit Exam



What Makes Us Human?  

Anciet River Civilizations

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

video World History Formula   --  Remember, the parts of the story may vary, but the formula never changes. Use the formula to trigger the specifics of each of our ancient civilizations.
document Study Guide   --  Any item on this study guide may be on the exam. If it is not on the study guide, it will NOT be on the exam. This is not a homework assignment, but tool for you to use to help narrow/focus your studying.
document Six Factors of Ancient Civilizations   --  Use the map to locate the four ancient civilizations and then use the prezi to complete the table on the back.
document Code of Hammurabi   --  Select three. One that restricts freedom, one that permits freedom, and one that is shocking to you.
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