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March 7

New Deal Exam







March 8

I can describe how the post WWI conditions of Europe contributed to the rise of totalitarian dictators.

V 1-12

SA 1


March 9

I can explain why many citizens wanted to maintain neutrality over foreign conflicts.

V 13-16

SA 2-3



March 10

I can explain why the US entered WWII on the side of the Allies.  

V 17-19

SA 3-4




March 11

I can describe how the war impacted disenfranchised communities during the war.  

V 20-24

SA 5-6



March 14

I can describe the US military effort in Europe, the Atlantic, Africa, and the Pacific.

V 25-31

SA 6

March 15

I can evaluate the successes and failures in each geographic region.   

V 25-31

SA 7


March 16

I can outline the persecution of Jews & minorities in Nazi Germany & describe the results of the "Final Solution".

V 32-34


March 17

I can explain the importance of “Island Hopping” as a military strategy.

V 35-41

SA 7


March 18

I can explain why the US decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.  

V 42-46

SA 8


March 21

WWII Unit Exam Prep


March 22

WWII Unit Exam


March 23

Atomic Bomb Debate Prep


March 24

Atomic Bomb Debate


March 25

No School



Prezi Notes


document Daily Unit Questions   --  Due on Friday March 18th in order to receive feedback in time for the exam.
video Roots of WWII   --  Watch for review of Tuesday and to keep yourself up to date with Daily Unit Questions.
document Allied Mediation   --  Read and act as your designated role (Churchill, Stalin, FDR, or the Neutral) to mediate an allied agreement to defeat fascism.
does this fire?!